We are specialized on business expansion

Analyses, strategies and implementation made by business professionals


A wise man does not make

all the mistakes himself.

[Sir Winston Churchill]

European Sales Directors; Marketing Strategists; New Business Managers; Logistics Experts; Communication Professionals; or Human Resources Managers.

We have the team for your tasks.

Welcome to Europe.



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... and none of the trade giants is present in all markets

Most probably Europe is quite different from the markets you are in today. Will you be successful here by just copying existing business methods?

How do you plan

your business growth?

We advise, plan and execute. From the first brand check up to the point of actual sales.

Mayflower Concepts is the management consultancy which has a unique perspective on the needs of its clients: from practice.
All partners have a long-standing professional experience in responsible positions in business and media. Whether it’s about marketing strategies, concept development or measurably effective marketing organizations - the needs, the requirements and not to forget  the difficulties of our corporate clients: we work on this with a view point trained by practice.