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Google has made the universal translator a reality.

No more communication problems: Language courses are thus largely superfluous.

A little bit lost in the latest Google product presentation was a small product at the end of the show: The Pixel Buds - two Bluetooth earphones with concentrated artificial intelligence - like everything that Google had presented on that day. The special thing about this part of the show was the demonstration of the buds with the integrated call of the Google Assistant

By simply tapping on the earphones, it became possible to call up Google's Translator and perform a practical simultaneous translation. This feature was demonstrated by two Google employees who spoke English and Swedish to each other.

Even if this function is still a bit bumpy and requires user intervention (press button): In a few years this function will be perfected and we will be able to communicate directly and without any foreign culture. Learning languages will then become a hobby for many people.

Figure: Legoland Billund,