March/April 2013

"If we are not careful, we will educate a generation, who knows cameras only as an icon on Smartphones"

The Presentation by Mayflower Concepts at the Business Forum Imaging  (BFI)in Cologne in February this year

Kameras nur noch als Icon auf Smartphones?

Following the forum’s motto  Heino Hilbig, CEO of Mayflower Concepts asked  the audience “How smart is the imaging market in reality ?" and  warned the attending representatives of industry, trade and press against whitewashing  the crisis of the photo industry. Using recent figures he showed, that the shrinking of the camera market  is much more dramatic than even in the "great crisis of film photography” in the mid 90s.

What impact a shrinking camera market will have to the entire photo industry, can be shown – next to  Gfk-figures - impressively from the statement from the laboratory giant CeWe Color: 98% of its revenues the Germany based company are still coming from camera images while all other image sources (such as smartphones or tablet PCs) count only for  2% of their turnover.

That it is still possible to find creative ways out of this crisis –same as in the mid 90s crisis – has ebeen demonstrated in the Mayflower Concepts presentation. Obviously this part was impressive enough too – as can be seen from the high press coverage:

Please find here (LINK) the Germany press converage.