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Saving money through optimized processes in international marketing

Why companies still give away a significant portion of their marketing budgets






Let's be honest: When have you lastly checked and adapted your marketing processes fundamentally?

The way of working in marketing has changed quite dramatically over the past 15 years : New channels (web , CRM , social networking, mobile marketing , etc), new methods and new markets always require new workflows for both, employees and agencies.

In fact, many of these workflows are existing - but organically grown rather than designed. In the best case one has simply copied and adapted
an available, well-running workflow according to the new requirements.

The greatest potential for massive budget optimizations, however, is resuting exactly from this organic growth of the processes.



Potential for savings : From € 100,000 up to several million euros per year *

Using a model calculation based on real data we at Mayflower C
oncepts have determined a cost saving potential in a six-digit range for SMEs - and up to a million Euros potential in larger enterprises - per year!* The amount of savings depends primarily on the frequency a company need to produce/rework advertising materials , web pages , manuals in different languages. And obvisously the number of markets a company is in, is another important factor.

To unfreeze those budget savings it is necessary to question the existing materials, the re-design of processes and the introduction of new methods for localization.


Internationalization rarely is a planned, well designed and optimized process


The trend to pan-European or even global marketing production has grown tremendously in the past 10 to 15 years. Hardly any company that does not try to centralizeas many marketing processes as possible - following the logic that it is cheaper to invent something once from a headquarter instead of 30 times locally.

We saw processes growing like this:
To run the production process for the first foreign market a new process is developed. For the second, third and all following markets this process the simply is copied.

As a results we see huge Ecxel spreadsheets to control translation and production processes.

5 questions to help you determine whether there is a saving potential in your company:

1. You cannot figure out the your localization costs with just one look to your budget summary?
2. Do your staff members use excel lists to control the production local language materials?
3. Please multiply the number of countries that you operate in with the yearly number of advertising materials, websites, manuals , etc. Does this number exceeds 100?
4. You cannot name the time your colleagues in local subsidiaries need to care for such processes per week?
5. In your company there are various, independent departments responsible for the creation of local materials (such as advertising materials, web pages operation manuals, etc.)

You answered any of these questions with 'yes' ? Then we should talk!

Consultancy without risk: Free for our clients

If you can not manage this redesign by yourself, we at Mayflower Concepts have a special offer : For process management in the field of localization Mayflower Concepts works for free for our clients. Our consultancy fee is based on the amount saved and will be due only with success!