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The end of the Smartphones: Dawn of a new photographic market?

New study of Mayflower Concepts shows huge potential for the post-smartphone era

The global photographic industry  has lost about 75% of its business just in the past 5 years. And actual figures show: the bottom of that tendency doesn´t come in sight yet. Each supplier and brand  is currently seeking for individual ways out of this crisis. Companies shrunk themselve, release  staff and adjust their line-up to the falling demand.

But:  resources, which are reduced now, are lacking for the next generation of photo-devices, which is going to come soon.

Our recently published study

Global Imaging Business Report 2016

The end of smartphones- what will we use for photos tomorrow?

shows, that the end of the smart phone era is expected to come within the next five to eight years. And it will be followed by new technologies, which have the potential for about 350 million image capture devices every year.

By this, this new photographic market would be about three times bigger than the traditional camera market ever was.

How do you prepare your business for the future?  Have a look to the content of the report, which we have attached to this mail.

The Global Imaging Business Report 2016 can be ordered via e-mail or on our website and is available for members of the photographic industry for free.