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Collapsing camera market: Have we finally reached the bottom line?

New analysis of the camera market of Mayflower Concepts brings surprising findings

A quick look at the latest data provided from Mayflower Concepts on the base of the raw data from Japanese Imaging Association CIPA could make the market participants feel slightly optimistic again. Using so-called 12 month rolling data* there seems to be at first sight a reassurance of the market. However, unfortunately, this is a misleading interpretation of reality.

A look to the details shows quickly that the world markets develop very differently and "optimism" is not yet the right expression to describe the European imaging market. 
Europe : compact decreases , SLR crashes - but as well mirrorless system cameras cannot increase since long any more
While the sales figures for compact camera** stabilized in Europe at a low level , the SLR figures ** crashed here stronger than in other world markets . In addition, the mirrorless systems in Europe develop for two years just stable and thus - in contrary to the widely published success stories - gain market share only because of the decrease of SLRs.
Based on the CIPA numbers can also be seen that the increase of average prices in the European markets is not happening because consumers did consciously choose more valuable, more expensive cameras: After transfering the CIPA data into local currencies using historical exchange rates , it becomes clear that the camera makers at best achieve stable average prices .
Mayflower Concepts will publsih a free study about the development of the global photo market this autumn. If you like to receive this study directly , please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
* We convert the raw CIPA data on into so called rolling years. So each month always shows the sales or production figures of the last 12 months. By this all seasonalities such as  Christmas or holiday shopping peaks are included in each record.

** Shipments to Europe