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'Smartphones are not the real enemy!'

Why the photographic market collapses and how effective countermeasures could look like.

Presentation held at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and PMA, Las Vegas, January, 2015

It is an ongoing discussion: Smart phones killed the traditional camera and photo business. But surprisingly enough: No-one ever has checked and proven that statement by analyzing the facts behind that statement.

Thanks to data, we have received from German market research company GfK, we could first time ever compare ten years of sales data for smartphones, cameras and MP-3 players.

The results are astonishing enough - and give hope, that manufacturers, service providers and trade do not need only to stand and watch the shrinking market - but can start to work on effective countermeasures.

Here you find the presentation as PDF and - even better for understanding - the full presentation as video.

In case you are using Mozilla Firefox, the PDF may not be shown correctly due to a bug in Firefox. Please download the file and open it using Adobe PDF-Reader.


Find here the full length presentation held at Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas (50 min)