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Facebook: Just eight posts to success.

Photo industry far behind - fashion in front

Brand activities on Facebook evaluated






What are the factors for success on Facebook? What generates 'Likes', 'talk abouts' and user comments ? To figure out these factor, Mayflower Concepts and its partners have developed a tool called Socialysis , which we are testing currently. Socialysis compares  facebook users' reactions (comments, shares and likes)with the activity rate of the site operators.

For a marketing presentation at the international congress Business Forum Imaging , we put the first , very surprising results together. 280 Facebook pages from different sectors were analyzed for this.

We were curious, if we could find correlations between activities and reactions, which may help to  develop rules for an cost saving, efficient use of the medium of Facebook.

In fact, the preliminary findings suggest that one can find such rules.

One example is, that most companies
activate their fans with less than 10 own posts per week . In the observed period we found significantly higher values only from just companies in transport services (such as airlines or railroad  lines) with 40 posts per week , and fashion brands specialized on the young target group (34 posts per week ) .


But both branches pay for the flood of posts with a (relative) decline of consumer interest . In KPIs - the responses to these posts (post Likes ) and in the relative growth rates - both industries can be found rather in the lower third of the observed branches.

Photo business scores below average

For the preparation of our presentation at the Business Forum Imaging in Cologne we were particularlyinterested in the question of whether the photo industry benefits from the special role, images play in social networks.

In fact, it turned out that people on Facebook are much more interested in pictures as such as to the information published by photo brands, service providers and trade there.

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