Developed from the perspective of the brand

Analyses, strategies and concepts

As seasoned marketing managers we have witnessed how good creative concepts – even from reputable agencies – have sometimes failed due to seemingly minor matters.

Minor matters such as  a failure to completely understand the company’s sales structure or prioritising stakeholders or interpreting market data in different way to those responsible for the brand in the company.

It is due to this experience that we founded Mayflower Concepts:

Analyses, concepts and implementation support conducted exclusively by business professionals are what Mayflower Concepts stands for. We see ourselves as a consultant network with a strong lateral thinking focus thanks to our interdisciplinary composition. We offer sales-focused strategy and marketing consulting services and, if required, also deliver communication concepts and provide effective implementation support.

We define ourselves neither as a replacement or competition for your regular agency. On the contrary. We extend your marketing team with our unique pool of thought.

The view from the outside paired with the experience from within.

Our offer at a glance:


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