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Everybody wants to increase sales but in concrete terms how should you approach new markets to maximize your output ?

Whether you just want to test marketability of your products, find the right distribution partner or decide to setup your own sales organisation we will find the best approach based on a structured analysis togehter with you.

Want to test grounds for your products ?

We offer a structured approach that includes analysis of target customers, profiling, designing a presentation, generating leads, customer presentation and final offer to get a first hand feedback about the potential of your products.

Especially finding the right partner, setting the right agreement and targets to protect your interests and to maximize your business in all relevant markets can be a challenge. With our vast network and contacts we will help you to find the right partner that pays your bills and generates business with your products. Based on our experience and your requirements we provide a framework for the right agreement that covers your business and interest taking into account Europes different legal aspects.

Setting up your own sales organisation can be tricky, where to set it up ? How do I find the right people ? Who do I choose to be successful ? We assist you in the right setup for your business, to find the right people, even we offer to manage your sales team in the initial phase to start sales as soon as possible.

Our offer at a glance:


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