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Well prepared for pitch presentations at German headquarters?


International agencies participating in a pitch for German-based clients are faced with a special task: they must not only keep up with their competitors in terms of content, they must also quickly learn how to convincingly deal with the distinct differences resulting from the specific mindset of their potential new client.

Irrespective of the fact that most international headquarters are now also internationally staffed, the location of a company can significantly affect the methods of work and general interaction.

According to our experience, this primarily manifests itself in three main areas:


At the briefing

Besides the official data, every briefing – worldwide – also contains a multitude of hidden information that is often even more important than the official component. The “code” of this “hidden briefing”, however, depends on the communication style of the author(s) and therefore varies according to the pervading local mentality. For example, the hidden briefing from a Spanish firm will contain other signals to that of a German company.


During the strategy and conceptualisation process

The German method of working is particularly characterised with a strong focus on details. This is often already evident during the research phase and will accordingly lead to other conclusions being drawn during the analysis leading to the concept. 


At the pitch itself

Understanding the participants, recognising the formal and real hierarchies, identifying the decision-making participants in the real hierarchy and convincing them is what it comes down to each time when presenting your pitch. But this is also dependent on the mindset of those attending – which is largely determined by culture.


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