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HEAT: Second project on autonomous driving for Hamburg on its way

In Hamburg, a consortium has successfully tapped the federal government's funding pool. The second project is scheduled to go live in Hamburg as early as 2018.

A small, inconspicuous press release issued yesterday by the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation shows that the topic of autonomous driving in Hamburg is now gaining massive momentum: A consortium called HEAT (Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation), consisting of authorities and companies of the city of Hamburg, has successfully applied for a federal subsidy budget and plans to have the first autonomous buses drive through HafenCity as early as the second half of 2018.

In contrast to the pilot project agreed with the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (see entry of 10 July 2017), this project is not to take place in the outer, less populated and less frequented outskirts of Hamburg. Instead, the planned buses will travel through Hamburg's prestigious HafenCity.

The Senate (Hamburgs regional government) is serious about its announcement that it wants to be an exemplary host for the 2021 ITS World Congress.

Click here for the press release

Image: Deutsche Bahn AG / Uwe Miethe