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China far ahead of all industrialized countries? From 2019, a quota for e-vehicles and hybrids will apply

Anyone who still has doubts that the change is imminent will be taught a better lesson.

Since 28 September, it has been clear that anyone who produces and sells noteworthy cars in China from 2019 will have to meet a quota for vehicles with alternative drives. Every tenth car must then already be equipped with electric or hybrid drive. That was announced by the Chinese government that day.
This makes it clear that China will immediately approve 10% of all vehicles from the year after next year onwards in an environmentally friendly manner. In China, just over 23 million cars have been sold in recent years, which is more than in Germany (2016:3.5 million) and the USA (2016:17.5 million) combined. In 2019, this figure is expected to rise to around 27 million vehicles, which is equivalent to an annual market of just under 3 million alternative cars.
It is also clear that, with such a large market, the pace of development of electric vehicles, which in any case has already grown massively this year, will continue to accelerate. This will be accompanied by the mileage per battery charge and, inevitably, the number of charging stations.
And once this process has begun in China, Germany and the USA, other countries will soon follow suit.

Source: FAZ


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