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[FutureBlog] Addendum to the car debate: Paris wants to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from the city by 2030

Special conditions required for metropolises

In a radio interview, an official from the transport authority of the city of Paris said that Paris could ban cars with petrol engines as early as 2030. There would be a particular burden on metropolises such as Paris - which is why they had to start there earlier than in the rest of the country. For diesel vehicles, he also did not rule out an even earlier restriction of driving licences in the city.
France plans to ban the re-registration of such vehicles from 2040 onwards for the whole country.

Here is the current overview of planned bans:
France: from 2040 no longer approved
Paris: no longer has access to the urban area from 2030
UK: also from 2014 no registration of new vehicles with internal combustion engine
Netherlands: from 2030 no registration of new vehicles with internal combustion engine
Germany: The Greens are in favour of a ban on registration from 2030
Norway: From 2025 onwards, all new vehicles will be emission-free.

So far, however, all these data are mere announcements. There are no concrete legislative proposals in any country.

Picture by I, BrokenSphere, CC BY-SA 3.0,